Professional Year Program

Have you just finished your formal education at a Australian university or college and looking to get employed? Student World offers Professional Year program admissions.
Professional Year includes:

  • Internship (work experience) covering various aspects of working in an Australian Company.
  • Work ethics and norms, you will get to learn about work place environment based on Australian standards.
  • Skill Development such as communications skill with supervisors, working with colleagues and third party.

Student World offers admission to Professional Year in the following programs.


  • Lowest FEE on offer, $6500!
  • Representing leading Professional Year Providers .
  • Friendly student services.
  • Ongoing Promotions for Professional year Students.
  • Refer a friend and earn BONUS REFERRAL FEE.
  • Complete immigration package.


  • Improve your employment prospects in IT industry
  • Develop business communications and workplace skills
  • Gain a greater understanding of Australian workplace and culture
  • Make professional connections
  • Become a member of ACS
  • Obtain a reference and demonstrate valuable experience on your CV
  • Access career assistance and job seeking advice


The Professional Year in Engineering is the only Australian government-legislated work-readiness program developed to enhance the employability skills of recent engineering graduates; in turn helping to address the widening engineering skills shortage in Australia.

Participants are familiarised with the norms of the Australian workplace including OHSE and diversity, effective verbal and written communication skills, working in a team and project management fundamentals.

Participants are then introduced to the Australian workplace culture via a 12 week work placement* within an Australian engineering team, enabling participants to put into practice the theory learned in both university and the program itself, and providing the opportunity to gather evidence for assessment of their Certificate IV in Project Management.

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