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Sydney is a huge city and it can be tedious and expensive to find accommodation. It is best to find shared accommodation where you can have an independent room with more privacy or even share a room with flat mates. You should keep in mind that there could be falsely advertised properties, so it is in best interest to visit the location before making any commitment.

Following is a list of question that you as an international student can ask while you are searching through list of shared accommodations:

  • Is the property clean and liveable?
  • Are the people friendly? Meet them so you can decide.
  • How many people will be sharing the property? OR is if you are sharing a room. How may people will be in one room?
  • Do you have to sign a lease contract?
  • It is worth checking if you don’t smoke. Are there any smoker’s and/or if you have any other special requirements?
  • Does the bedroom have a window?
  • Inquire about basic facilities such as kitchen, bathroom and does the stove, oven and toilet/shower work?
  • Will there be any additional expenses that you may incur.


List of Shared Accommodation  Sites:

Other Places to look for:

  • Public notice boards
  • Real estate agents
  • University international student centers

City of Sydney provides a document with list of Contacts if you need help: Download Here

  • Tenants’ services
    Tenants NSW 1800 251 101 (this service will give advice to tenants only – they will not help landlords)
    NSW Fair Trading 13 32 20
  • Report your concerns
    If you come across advertisements or know
    of accommodation that you think looks unsafe
    or illegal, please let the City of Sydney know by calling
    02 9265 9333 or head to for more info.
    Your call can be anonymous, but you will need to provide the address so we can investigate the property.

Sana Rai

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