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Information on Visas have been obtained from the DIAC website. Student World strongly recommends you visit the immigration website to ensure the information has not been changed or updated.

Australian Visa Conditions and Facts

Student Visa Conditions

Many conditions apply if you are holding a student visa. It is important that you adhere to these conditions during your term of study. Failure to comply to any one of the conditions can result in your visa being withdrawn.

The following are some of the important conditions:

  • Maintain a valid enrolment for the duration of the visa
  • Satisfy course requirement, record 50% pass mark in academic performance. provider can report poor performance to DIAC and visa can be withdrawn
  • Notify DIAC of change of home address and email
  • Re apply for visa (cost $535) if changing subclass, English 570; vet 572; higher education 573
  • Not work more than 20 hours during school term
  • Study with the provider for a minimum of 6 months
  • Report in writing to DIAC if student wishes to defer course
  • Be insured with OSHC for the visa duration

For up to date information please visit the DIAC website:

Visa extension: Student World will assist applicants with the extension of the visa provided all documentation and costs involved are received 5 working days prior to visa expire date. SW will not be responsible for cancellation of visa within this time frame.

Course cancellation and refund policies: Most educational providers have very strict policies in this regard. It is important that the student reads the conditions before they sign the application form Student World will not be held responsible if students are unaware of the providers regulations.

Refunds from colleges: this could take between 15 to 60 days from the time you advise the college in writing that you are withdrawing from the course. Student World will make every effort to ensure refunds are paid a.s.a.p. overseas remittance will incur bank and transfer fees. Student World will retain $100 towards processing costs.

It is strongly recommended you contact DIAC, a licensed immigration department or your education provider to get full details about one or all of the above rules and conditions